Richard Fesler, LMP

Small picture of Richard Fesler
Richard Fesler Licensed Massage Practitioner

Richard Fesler graduated at the top of his class from the Tri City School of Massage and has been a Licensed Massage Practitioner since May 2009. Since graduating, his Continuing Education Credits include Certifications in Neuro-Humoral Massage, Classic Russian Massage, Sports Massage, and Manual Therapy – Table Thai Massage.

I believe that all of us are in need of a calming, positive touch in our fast paced, stressful lives. Our minds have become adept at ignoring or tolerating the pains and stresses inflicted upon our bodies through our frenetic lifestyle. Massage facilitates a connection between mind and body, creating an awareness through which healing can begin.

My goal is to provide a safe, relaxing atmosphere where each client feels comfort and trust, and massage modalities are then employed to create a healing response, and return balance, or Symmetry, to the body and mind.